So who is running the show around here in the Tate Springs’ Youth Group?

It’s God! First and foremost, it’s always God! It is all about Him and He is the One that makes it all happen. Yet sometimes, He decides to use a few of us sinners to get His work done. We will list those people here to give you a little bit of information about the people God has chosen for this work here at Tate Springs.

Jared Wellman is the pastor that God has called to lead this part of the Church known as Tate Springs Baptist Church. He is a husband and father to a beautiful family of girls who he loves and serves well. Tate Springs is blessed to have Jared and his family leading us to life in Christ.

Curtis James is our family pastor here at Tate Springs Baptist Church. He has a wife and two teenage sons. He is a fun and caring guy who is passionate about serving the Lord. He is involved with the youth as well as the children’s ministries.

Kyle Gladden is our Youth Associate. He is on fire for the reaching our students with the Gospel in a way that challenges them to live it out.

There are many more people who love and serve these youth students with huge hearts that are passionate about Christ, but to list them all here with their attributes would fill pages and pages of this screen. Therefore, we will stop after this last one……….YOU! We believe that God has a plan for every person on this earth, including you! We would love to help you find just where the Lord may be calling you to serve and love here at Tate Springs.

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